Friday, August 10, 2012

My Day at Joanns Fabrics

If you read about my trip to Joanns a few days back, here is what I bought that day. It just felt good to go in and buy some things I've been wanting! First, a feather boa.

Remember this lampshade I did a few years ago and just moved from the family room to the living room? Well, take another look below.

Seeing a recent lamp with feathers on it gave me this idea for the bottom of the shade instead of a piece of scrap lace.

I like this much better.

And all it took was part of a feather boa glued around the bottom.

At night with lights on.

Smiling. :-)


Also this is the bucket I bought to hold my wrapping paper. I may paint it white, however.

I found this little straw dispenser on their 70% off aisle and snatched it right up for a few dollars. Score!

These darling ice cream dishes for about $2.00 each were a plus since we got the new ice cream maker and have been making ice cream 2 or 3 times a week.

Miss Caroline wasn't forgotten. I bought her this plate for when she comes to visit Nana.

I bought 3 boas just in case I have something else to decorate with them.

I think this little cottage along side the road is adorable.

Would you look at this cute apron?

Gonna celebrate my shopping day with cupcakes!
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