Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Thoughts on the Season

I love this time of year but not for the obvious reason of gift giving. Hubs and I gave that up several years ago. As a matter of fact, this is the farthest I've come to decorating this year and it's December 20th already. Hubs got the tree down from the garage attic two nights ago and finally set it up last night. I have neither the desire or the energy to decorate it yet. It's that simple. I wouldn't decorate at all because it's just the two of us and no one is coming this year but my sweet Love Bunny loves having a tree. It makes no difference to me as my heart is in the real reason for this season of the year. I adore the feelings of Christmas not the commercialization of it. Ooooh, don't get me wrong; I've eaten my way through Wal-Mart's candy aisle three times now. Then there's the Christmas day and the day after Christmas when things—candy!—go on sale. Hold me back, please. It'll take me months to even care about food again. I sit here trying to get up the nerve to go in to cook dinner even though I have absolutely no hunger at the moment. Food just seems obscene to me right now, but I did promise hubs fried potatoes and tuna salad, one of his favorite meals. Sigh.

Anyway, these are pictures of how far I've gotten today. Read on for more of the reason.

Just a bit of eye candy for you while I tell you the reason. I think I'll sit and make more ribbon roses while watching Netflix. Again, read on...

24 and Jack Bauer!
I love that series. Since we don't have a television and don't want one I subscribed to Netflix for a free month and a friend told me about the series 24 since she knows I love action movies and not chick flicks. I have never seen it until about a week ago. I watch it every chance I get. I'm in season five with three more seasons to go. Give me a hero who follows his own dictates and kills every bad guy in sight and I'm in heaven!

But I do have some comments on 24.

Since my brother-in-law is a retired FBI agent I can assure you the female agents do NOT run around in high heels.

The two original female leads were pathetically bad actresses and should have been written out of the series way before they got killed. They showed about as much emotion as a bag of dog food.

Jack Bauer's writers must have a "thing" for tall, emaciated, no talent women. Makes one wonder.

There are way too many women in authority roles: CTU (Counter Terrorism Unit), etc. That does not happen in real life and the ones in the plots were nothing but insecure women making real women look like career-grabbing hussies. That is not true in real life.

Agents don't run around with their windows down when guarding the President. Just not done.

The agents spend way more time on the phone than necessary. Why don't they just say, "If you'd stop calling me, I'd be able to get some work done."

Is there a women in CTU who hasn't slept with Jack Bauer or Tony Almeida? Ooooh, puleeeeze.....

The most used statement in the series: Let me make one thing clear.

You've got to have a death wish to be around Jack Bauer.

I'll have more later but all-in-all I absolutely love the show!!!

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